Here’s what some of our friends are saying

  • Max Evans

    Ex Professional Rugby Player And PGA Golf Professional


    I regularly drink Pro Coffee to boost my performance and aid my recovery. It’s a great product for athletes looking to achieve real and consistent gains through their diet and nutrition.

  • Ella Duane

    Irish Track Athlete


    Pro Coffee has become an essential part of my daily routine, it helps improve my mental clarity, performance and provides a more stable boost of energy. Making it a great alternative to sugary energy drinks.

  • Jamie Headon

    Crossfit Games Athlete, Gym Owner And Irelands Fittest Man 2015/16/17


    I drink Pro Coffee to kick-start my day and fuel my training. Pro Coffee gives me the energy I need to perform at my best and also helps with recovery so I get the most out of my session. I would recommend this to anyone looking to increase their performance in work/training.

  • Rory McInerny​

    Entrepreneur And Owner OF FFS Gyms


    I am always looking for ways to maximise my training time. I love coffee before I work out opposed to energy drinks that cause the jitters and generally taste awful! This is why Pro coffee is perfect for me. It gives me a slow release of energy with no jittery after-effects, plus it tastes great!

     I’d definitely recommend Pro Coffee.

  • Anna Pfeifer

    Owner Of Tilt Yoga

    To see improvements in your performance, it’s important to fuel your body correctly. Pro Coffee has been a great way for me to add additional protein into my diet. It has helped me to workout longer and harder without getting fatigued quickly.

  • Max McFarland

    Olympic And Commonwealth Athlete


    Instead of only having a boost for an hour or so and an Inevitable crash like other caffeinated products give,Procoffeeprovides a gradual release of energy – of which I can still feel the effects hours after consuming. And it’s great you’re able to take them hot or cold.