Check out the most frequently asked questions and answers about our protein coffee range - Pro Coffee. If you still can’t find the answer to your question, you can visit our help centre and speak to one of our friendly staff.

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Does your protein coffee contain preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours?

Pro Coffee does not contain any added preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colours or artificial sweeteners. We aim to bring a delicious and healthy protein coffee that is formulated by our health experts.

Storage recommendations

Store in a cool, dark & dry place. Reseal pouch after use. Keep out of reach of children.

Where can I buy Pro Coffee?

Pro Coffee is only available online at procoffeedrinks.com. This is an exclusive protein coffee and one you won’t find in your local barista. 

How much does the protein coffee drink cost?

Each packet of our Pro Coffee is priced at €34,99 and contains 21 servings. This works out at €1,66 per coffee, which is a lot cheaper than a coffee from your local barista, which usually costs around €4 for a standard cup.

Do you ship outside of Ireland?

Yes! Pro Coffee is shipped internationally. We also offer free shipping on orders on or over €50.

What is the shelf life of your protein coffee?

Pro Coffee has a shelf life of 24 months if stored correctly.

Is it a protein coffee powder?

Our Pro Coffee comes in the form of a protein coffee powder. We have also included an in-package scoop, which allows you to measure the protein coffee accurately and track your nutritional gains.

Where is your product manufactured?

Pro Coffee is manufactured in the UK in BRC-accredited production facilities.

Does your product contain any hidden ingredients?

There are no hidden ingredients in our product. We don’t use proprietary blends whereby the amount of any ingredient is hidden within a group of other ingredients.

Is Pro Coffee suitable for vegans?

Unfortunately, Pro Coffee is not considered vegan due to the addition of animal-derived protein.

Can I drink Pro Coffee Iced?

Yes, you can pour Pro Coffee over ice to create a delicious iced protein coffee. You can also add your favourite syrup and milk and create a tasty iced coffee that rivals any Starbucks iced coffee option.

What does Pro Coffee taste like?

Pro Coffee tastes just like your normal cup of coffee; once dissolved in the hot water, you can add it to the milk of your choice and sit back and enjoy the rich blend. It also doesn’t have that powdery protein taste that is so common in other forms of protein consumables, making it the ideal choice for taste without compromising on quality or national value.

When should I drink Pro Coffee?

You can consume Pro Coffee in the mornings to kick-start your day. It will give you the daily recommended dose of vitamins and nutrients, ensuring that you are prepared to tackle whatever the day throws at you.
You can also consume our protein coffee just before you work out or whenever you need your coffee fix. The caffeine will give you that much-needed energy boost for a productive gym workout without having to sacrifice an energy crash later on in the day.

Can I drink Pro Coffee before bed?

We do not recommend drinking Pro Coffee before you try to go to sleep, as the caffeine may stimulate your mind, interrupt your normal sleep pattern and prevent you from falling asleep. Pro Coffee is best consumed throughout the day when you are already active.

Do I need to shake this protein coffee?

Unlike other protein beverages and shakes, you do not need to shake protein coffee in order to dissolve the powder. The heat from the hot water will do all the work for you, simply give it a stir and enjoy.

Will protein coffee help me lose weight?

The only thing that can help you lose weight is being in a calorie deficit. However, Pro Coffee may help you lose weight as part of your weight loss strategy. Each cup only contains 35 calories and 8 grams of protein, meaning that it can help you feel fuller for longer and suppress your appetite between meals.
Pro Coffee should be consumed as part of a healthy and balanced diet

Do I need to add milk to this protein coffee?

You can have this protein coffee to your own individual liking. When you initially stir it into hot water, it will look like a cup of black coffee; you can then add the milk of your choice, whether it’s almond, soy, or cow’s milk, or alternatively keep it black if that’s your coffee style.
Pro Coffee is made to seamlessly blend with a range of different kinds of milk and replicate that classic coffee taste that you are used to.

Will this protein coffee give me jitters?

Unlike traditional coffee, our protein coffee will not give you the jitters or leave you feeling shaken up. We have designed this recipe so that the essential nutrients, vitamins and amino acids can do their job, helping your body and mind manage stress and anxiety.

How much Protein Coffee can I drink a day?

The recommended daily allowance for caffeine intake is said to be around 400mg for the average healthy adult. Each cup of our Pro Coffee contains 150mg of caffeine.