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About Us

Coffee that tastes great, gives you long-lasting energy and brings amazing health benefits to your body and mind.

As health and fitness enthusiasts, we know that getting the right nutrients is essential for optimal performance, enhanced recovery and sustained energy levels. That’s why we used to start every day with a coffee, a handful of vitamins and a high-quality protein shake.

These ingredients were an integral part of our training schedule. The problem was that we had to buy each one separately, which led to expensive costs and difficulty trying to intake them all within a normal day.

We saw this as an opportunity to create something better by combining caffeine, protein and essential vitamins – with the addition of L-Theanine – for a performance coffee that enhances energy, mood and protein intake all in a single serving.

Pro Coffee was born.

Pro Coffee was born.

Davy & Isaac – Founders

Through meticulous product research, diverse ingredients and high-quality sourcing, we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the functional coffee market
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Our coffee ingredient is Rainforest Alliance certified. Each of our ingredients is responsibly and ethically sourced from around the world. We are looking to improve and be part of a more responsible and sustainable supply chain.


Every pouch we produce is carefully formulated by our health experts. We work with the highest-quality functional ingredients with no nasty chemicals or harmful additives. There are no hidden ingredients in our product. Our coffee is free from toxic preservatives, artificial colourings, flavours and sweeteners – making it the ideal choice for your health journey.
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Our mission: a nutritionally packed protein coffee drink

Our mission is to provide a sustainable and ethically sourced protein coffee that delivers on nutritional value without compromising on taste or quality. We have created a rich blend of coffee without that distinct protein powder aftertaste. It tastes just like your morning cup of coffee, with added nutritional benefits for your gain.

We are pushing the boundaries on what is expected from your usual protein drinks, creating something that aligns with your daily routine. Our mission is inspired by our own journey and the challenges that we experienced when trying to maintain nutritional goals in line with training schedules.

Pro Coffee is an innovative health beverage combining excellent taste and nutritional value, all in one single cup of protein coffee.

Protein coffee benefits

We set the goal of creating a hot coffee beverage that is capable of meeting the recommended nutritional goals, and we believe that we have delivered a product that can do just that. Our range of protein coffee benefits both the body and mind, promoting overall well-being and optimal health. The benefits of Pro Coffee include:

Low calorie

For those on a weight loss journey or tracking their calorie intake, they will be pleased to know that just one cup of Pro Coffee only contains 35 calories. This is a big difference compared to other protein shakes that contain around 150 calories per serving.

High protein coffee

Each cup of protein coffee contains 8 grams of protein per serving. This is a great option for those seeking to gain muscle or maintain their muscle mass. The recommended daily average for protein intake is around 100g per day, Pro Coffee is a great way to help you reach that goal.

Essential vitamins

In just one cup of Pro Coffee, you can get all of the recommended daily vitamins that you need. We have created this blend to include B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and D3 vitamins, ensuring that your body is receiving adequate nutrition that will benefit your body and mind.

Amino acids

As health and fitness enthusiasts, we also wanted to include beneficial amino acids within our protein coffee. We included the amino acid L-Theanine in our blend, which helps the body to manage stress, boosts the immune system and prevents crashing or the depletion of energy levels.

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Protein coffee powder

Our goal was to create a conventional product that could easily replace the coffee jar on your countertop. We designed the beverage as a protein coffee powder, with an insert scope included within the packaging.

The in-package scoop ensures that you can properly measure out the recommended amount of protein coffee powder. One level scoop contains all of the daily nutrients and vitamins that you need for optimal health and well-being.

This allows you to track your nutritional goals in a convenient way, which is especially useful in the mornings when the first thing on your mind is getting your hands on a cup of hot coffee.

Best Protein Coffee

At Pro Coffee, we are on a mission to deliver the best protein coffee on the market, not just for its rich taste but also for its nutritional-dense value that will support your health and fitness journey.

Shop our range of protein coffee and kickstart your health journey.
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